This foundation is instituted in the loving memory of Master Henry Obamurewa Poju-Babalola who passed on to glory on the 25th of July, 2017, due to complications from sickle cell crisis.

Henry was born on the 6th of November, 2009 and passed unto glory at the age of seven.

This Foundation is set up to create an avenue of support most particularly for sickle-cell anemia patients in Nigeria-Africa and give support to children living with Sickle Cell in rural and remote places as well as render assistance to the needy and the aged people in diverse areas in the community at large.


  • Support for the Nigerian-African Sickle Cell Children
  • Creating awareness of the Sickle Cell disease and its prevention in the rural area and under-developed communities.
  • To ensure and improve the alertness of proper hospital and Laboratory confirmation of genotype test procedures.
  • Target rural and remote places to provide full education about Sickle Cell diseases.
  • To provide drugs and general health support children living with Sickle cell diseases monthly.
  • To provide medical health check for possible sickle cell carriers who are ignorant of their status.
  • To organize Health talks and seminars on care giving and coping with Sickle Cell.
  • To provide Counseling sections and opportunities including skills, empowerment and vocational training to those living with Sickle Cell who are afraid of life, stigmatized, side-lined from job opportunities, embittered at parents, the society and life at large.
  • To give support to the less privileged, helping them with tests in order to be aware of their health status as well as giving monthly provision for drugs and their general well being
  • To provide help and support for the aged, need , orphans and disabled